Follow the Journey of Light at the GreenTech Trade Fair

The amount of light in the greenhouse is very important for the crop's growth process. Mardenkro is offering the Journey of Light at the GreenTech trade fair for the purpose of giving market gardeners advice on how to create the perfect greenhouse climate.

The GreenTech visitor will move along several (light) destinations at the Mardenkro exhibition stand. At the end of their route, the visitor will receive free advice about the (light) destination that is best suited for his/her greenhouse.
Mardenkro is known for coatings that reflect excessive solar energy. Mardenkro now is also introducing a package of solutions designed to admit up to ten percent more sunlight into the greenhouse. This means that the manufacturer can help the market gardener year-round in creating the perfect greenhouse climate for improving quality and increasing production.

Journey of Light Invitation

If you are curious as to which destination yields the highest level of production, visit the Mardenkro exhibition stand 10.200 at the GreenTech trade fair (12 - 14 June 2018). We look forward to assisting you during this Journey of Light!

(Light) Workshop

On Wednesday, 13 June at 14:00, one of our experts, Peter Heemskerk, will hold a light workshop at GreenTech. The workshop will explore methods for increasing light transmission in the greenhouse. Heemskerk will deal with topics such as condensation, greenhouse cleaning and reflection.
Location: GreenTech Climate, Water & Energy Theatre
Date: Wednesday, 13 June 2018
Time: 14:00 - 14:30

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Ten percent higher light incidence in greenhouse

Every percent can be converted into higher production. Mardenkro offers a package of solutions designed to improve the incidence of light into a greenhouse by as much as ten percent.

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